Principal Investigator

Wolfgang Busch

Associate Professor
Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory
Integrative Biology Laboratory

Wolfgang did his undergraduate studies in Biology at the University of Tübingen, Germany. During this time, he also spent 8 months at UC San Diego where he received training on computational biology and conducted research on transporter proteins. During his PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tübingen, he identified novel key regulatory genes and modules for plant stem cell control via a systems biology approach integrating transcriptome- and genome-scale transcription factor-DNA binding data. Wolfgang received his PhD in 2008 from the University of Tübingen. During his postdoctoral training at Duke University he contributed to the discovery of spatiotemporally defined regulatory modules that control proliferation of stem cells and differentiation in the root, and used high-throughput confocal microscopy to capture dynamic features of gene expression. In 2011, he joined the Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology in Vienna as a group leader. During this time, he established his research program in root systems genetics and focuses on understanding which genes, genetic networks, and molecular processes determine root growth and its responses to the environment. In 2017, he came to the Salk as an Associate Professor in the Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory. He is also part of the Integrative Biology Laboratory.
Postdoctoral Fellows

Nicole Gibbs

Postdoctoral Fellow

Nicole completed her PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the supervision of Dr Patrick Masson, where she worked to identify the molecular response of plants to polyamines. She started in the Busch lab in June of 2018. Her current research focuses on using natural variation to characterize microbial volatile organic compound impact on plant root growth and development.

Wenrong He

Postdoctoral Fellow

Wenrong received her Ph.D. from Peking University, China, where she focused on identifying small molecule inhibitors of phytohormone pathway by chemical genetics. She joined the Busch lab in June 2017. She is interested in 1, Identifying novel factors regulating root growth, development, and architecture via chemical genetics combined with GWAS and phenotypic imaging system. 2, Dissecting the molecular mechanism of climate-associated genes regulation. She aimed that her research can make the world a better place by improving crop advancement under natural condition and environmental adaptation to global climate change by studying root system, the backbone of plants, with the help of powerful robot and high through-put imaging system of Busch lab. Outside the lab, Wenrong enjoys painting, photography, boxing, and Karate.

Anna Malolepszy

Postdoctoral Fellow

Anna comes from Poland. She received her PhD at Aarhus University in Denmark where she was working on legume-rhizobia symbiosis and was involved in the establishment and screening of Lotus japonicus mutagenized population and investigation of a novel nodulation mutant. Subsequently she moved to the Busch group at GMI in Vienna, Austria for her postdoctoral studies to investigate the species-specific mechanisms of adaptation of Lotus root to the nutrient deficient conditions using association genetics. In October 2017 she has joined the Busch group at SALK to continue her project.

Charlotte Miller

Postdoctoral Fellow

Charlotte recently moved to San Diego from England where she worked at the John Innes Centre in Norwich. During her PhD her research was aimed at understanding the genetic regulation of stem mechanical strength is Brassica species and Wheat. Her post doctoral research was focused towards the genetic control of seed size and oil content in Brassica napus. In the Busch lab she will be exploring natural variation in several species to understand root growth. Outside of the lab she loves to play the piano and guitar and have recently taken up ceramics! Charlotte also enjoy cycling, hiking and spending as much time as possible at the beach.

Takehiko Ogura

Postdoctoral Fellow

Takehiko Ogura completed his PhD training in Laboratory of Bioregulation Chemistry, Division of Applied Life Science, Graduate School of Agriculture in Kyoto University, where he studied mode of actions of insect molting hormones using chemical biology approach. After that, he has studied physiological functions of the plant hormone auxin capitalizing chemical biology. In Busch lab, his research subject is the regulatory mechanism of root morphology by auxin and its involvement in the responses to various environments.

Matthieu Platre

Postdoctoral Fellow

Originally from France, Matthieu obtained his PhD at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon in 2017. He was part of the cell signalling and endocytosis group mentored by Yvon Jaillais. During his PhD, he analyzed membrane electrostatics organization in plant cells and its role in cell-signaling and development. His main scientific question is how plant adapt to their environment. Matthieu joined the Busch’s lab in order to decipher the molecular gene network related to plant nutrition.

Qingqing Xie

Postdoctoral Fellow

Qingqing Xie received her PhD degree in Analytical Chemistry from Xiamen University, China. And during her PhD study, she studied the functions of heavy metal transporters as a visiting PhD student under the mentorship of Dr. Julian I Schroder at University of California, San Diego. Later, she was a postdoctoral fellow of Huazhong Agriculture University and study the uptake and detoxification mechanisms of heavy metal in plants. Currently she is a research associate of Salk and studying the iron sensing and response mechanisms in plants.
Research Assistant

Erin Daniels

Research Assistant II

Erin received her BS degree in Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where she worked as a lab technician to domesticate a new oil seed crop. She soon left the Midwest to follow the sunshine to San Diego where she participated in C. elegans host-pathogen research at UCSD. Erin joined the Busch lab in 2017 as a research assistant to rejoin the plant community. Along with other postdocs in the lab, she is currently studying protein-protein interactions involved in Arabidopsis root growth in iron deficiency conditions. When she’s not tending to plants, she enjoys biking, hiking, and trying new beers at SD breweries.
Michel Ruiz

Michel Ruiz

Research Assistant III

Michel graduated as a biochemist from Havana University, Cuba. His career developed mostly in Europe where he obtained a Ph.D. degree from the BOKU University of Vienna with a thesis on the roles of auxin as a key determinant of lateral root directional growth. He then moved to California with a postdoctoral research project on post-Golgi trafficking under the supervision of Georgia Drakakaki, at UC Davis. He joined the Salk Harnessing Plant Initiative in September 2019 as part of an effort to identify and characterize factors associated with natural variations in the root system architecture of different species. He loves to travel and learn new languages.
Gonzalo Villarino

Gonzalo Villarino

Research Assistant III

Gonzalo earned his PhD from Cornell University in 2014. He then joined the Plant & Microbiology Dept. at NC State University to study ovule development. For his second postdoc he joined the MCDB Dept. at Yale to study epigenetic and DNA replication in Arabidopsis as well. Gonzalo joined the Busch Lab in 2019 as a part of the HPI initiative at Salk. He is very interested in understanding the molecular mechanism of root development.

Kaizhen Zhong

Exchange Student

Kaizhen is a PhD student at Jiangxi Agricultural University, China. She joined the Busch lab as a visiting PhD student in September, 2018. Her research subject is to investigate the genetic mechanism of root growth response to heavy metal in plants.
Lab Assistant

Larry the Robot

Larry the robot is the only Arabidopsis high-throughput seed planting robot in the world. He is also the only crowd-funded robot at the Salk Institute ( ). He helps to uncover fundamental principles of root growth regulation and will contribute to save the world. Also, Larry is saving students and postdocs lots of time and boredom. Not surprisingly, he is one of the most popular lab members.
Lab Technicians
Matias Gleason

Matias Gleason

Lab Technician I


Ian Anderson

Lab Technician I

Ian received his BS in cell and molecular biology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He later moved to San Diego to join the Busch lab in 2018 where he assists his fellow postdocs in their research. When Ian is not busy at work, he enjoys surfing, gardening, and camping.
Ling Zhang

Ling Zhang

Bioinformatics Analyst II

Ling comes from China. He received his Ph.D. in Statistics and a master degree in Biochemistry at University of Nebraska – Lincoln. During working at University of Nebraska at Omaha, he has been active in aspect of bioinformatics by developing statistical methods. He started in the Busch lab in July of 2019. He is currently working on 1) image acquisition, processing and analysis; 2) Advancing statistical analysis of genetical and genomics research. In addition to programming and data analysis, Ling enjoys biking, soccer and photography.

Eric Nguyen



Marianne Schaedel


Busch lab alumni

Elke Barbez

(former Postdoctoral Associate 2015-2017)
Postdoctoral Associate
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Vienna (BOKU), Austria

Christophe Gaillochet

Postdoctoral fellow, VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology, Belgium

Marco Giovannetti

(former Postdoctoral Associate 2016-2017)
Postdoctoral Associate
Gregor Mendel Institute

Monica Meijon

(former Postdoctoral Associate 2011-2012)
Ramón y Cajal Fellow

Daniela Ristova

(former Postdoctoral Associate 2013-2017)

Santosh B. Satbhai

(former Postdoctoral Associate 2011-2018)
Assistant Professor
Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER)
Mohali, India

Radka Slovak

(former PhD Student; 2011-2017)
Postdoc Oxford University

Han Wang

Rui Zhang

(former Postdoctoral Associate 2016-2017)
Associate Professor
Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry
Chinese Academy of Forestry
Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Tree Breeding
Zhejiang, China

Baohai Li

Assistant Professor, College of Environmental and Resource Sciences, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China